Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Anti-Catholicism, The Pro-Life Movement, and Satan...

I've been watching an argument between Abby Johnson and the leader of the Facebook page Pro-Life Rocks for the past day and it's so astounding how alive and well anti-Catholicism is today. Would the leader have an issue with Abby if she hadn't converted? Doubt it. Seems like that's his major hang up. His attacks on her serve no purpose, but to divide the movement, and that's not something we can afford to have happen.

Lately, it seems the movement is gaining speed. We're seeing regulations put into place, doctors being arrested for the horrible things they are doing to their patients in the abortion clinics, and just an overall change of heart.

So what happens when Good is winning? The attacks become worse. Satan gets in and does his work in the hearts of the people who are hateful. Satan is trying to divide and conquer the movement.

This person claims that non-Catholics are not welcome as leaders in the pro-life movement and I truly have no idea where he gets that idea. Are the majority of active pro-lifers Catholic? Probably, and I have always had issue with protestant churches that don't have pro life ministries. It's difficult to find a Catholic parish that doesn't have one (though I have, unfortunately, from time to time.) When I was seeking out a church in which I felt I belonged, that was one thing I looked for. I didn't want a wishy-washy pro-choice church.

If this person were truly an active pro-lifer, he would see that his assumptions are not true. I'm assuming that his opinion comes from being uncomfortable around Catholics, not the other way around. I've met plenty of protestant and non religious pro-life people. I've marched with non Catholics during the March for Life. I've listened to pro-life speeches by people like Gov. Jan Brewer who is not Catholic. I could go on and on.

His hatred for the Church has allowed Satan into our movement, and I just hope that Abby (and all the rest) can stay strong through what is likely to become more and more difficult of a fight. Because guess what? We're winning. :)

We're all pro-life. Our religion, lack of religion, or anything shouldn't matter. We're humans and we're standing up for the little ones who can't stand up for themselves. And that needs to continue without division.

Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. -Matthew 5:10



  1. "This person claims that non-Catholics are not welcome as leaders in the pro-life movement..."

    Um, what? Aren't some of the founders of 40 Days for Life non-Catholic? (Could be wrong, but I thought one of them was evangelical...)

    What this guy misses is that the reason so many pro-life advocates are Catholic (or become Catholic) is because the Catholic Church is virtually the only large Christian denomination that hasn't backed off on the issue of abortion. All other large, mainstream denominations (Episcopalians, Lutherans, even many Baptists) have released wishy-washy statements saying that abortion is a private issue, should be between a woman and God, blah blah blah. Only the Catholic Church has remained firm and said, "NO. Murdering a child is always evil and is never condoned by God, EVER." Who, as a pro-lifer, would want to be in a church that DOESN'T say that?

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty sure a lot of the 40 Days for Life people aren't Catholic. This guy is just totally blinded by his hatred for Catholics that he can't see that. He does nothing but post how it's "great" that 40 Days for Life has saved this many babies but how other people have saved more with different strategies. He's crazy, imo, and I can't believe that someone with good intentions can't see that he's creating a divide in our movement, which is not helping the unborn AT ALL.

    Exactly... I church hopped for years trying to find an actively pro life church, but kept ending up back at the Catholic Church. I can't stand the wishy washy nonsense. And I actually ended up going through RCIA at a parish that had no sanctity of life ministry (without realizing it) and I left within a year to find one that did.

    That's the whole point. It's not that we don't WANT the protestants to stand with us, it's for the most part, they just don't.


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