Friday, September 9, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

Here are some of my fav things from this week:

1. In Contraceptive Culture, Women Can Never Rest

The effects of the Contraceptive mind set are HUGE. I hope society starts to realize this problem. My husband and I are the odd people out in our family because we are Catholic and my family is not. His family is non-practicing, but still Catholic. Kyle isn't a devout Catholic like me, but I know he feels it's right, or he wouldn't agree to such an extreme lifestyle (NFP, private school, sacraments, etc). Anyway, we are constantly told that we need to be "fixed" or that we don't "need" to have anymore children. I'm going to write a whole blog post about this subject soon because this Contraceptive Mentality affects us personally, on a nearly daily basis. Women don't have body issues purely because of the images they see their whole lives, it's part of it, yes, but the other part of it is the over sexualization and liberal mindset that our bodies are for sex, not to create life or bond with our spouse, thus they must look perfect at every moment. Jennifer Fulwiler has written about this a bunch of times and I love it. It helps me in my daily life when I encounter the nay-sayers. (WOW this was not a quick take ;)

2. Homework Caddy

I want one of these!! But they're sold out. :(  I can't believe how much stuff Amelia brings home and I really need to get a good system in place before Lily starts preschool next year. This looks perfect and it's cheap. How do you guys keep your kids' homework organized?? I'm overwhelmed.

3. I posted this link on my FB page and it created quite the conversation about 80's music. Worst Songs of the 90's  I so disagree with most of them. While a lot of them are annoying, they're total classics, and I'm pretty sure make a lot of people smile. And I'm betting that anyone who lived through the 90's knows these songs, or at least the choruses. Charlotte and I rocked out to an Ace of Base Pandora station the rest of the night after reading this article. :)

4. I love this photo: 
I can't believe it's almost been 10 yrs.

5. And I also love this photo:
One of my friends on FB said that it looks like the Koala is saying, "MINE!!" Haha, I totally agree. Who doesn't love Blessed Pope John Paul II? The koala certainly does. ;)

6. I am still looking for input on my fashion board on Pinterest. I can't afford to buy anything currently, but I'm hoping to be able to soon, and to have an idea of what I would like. Please check it out! :) Fashion Board

7. 10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling Too funny, and a great lesson! I like to read over these from time to time to make sure my grammar doesn't stink. There's a link on how to use apostrophes, too. hehe! I'm an english nerd, even though you can't tell by my horribly written blogs, lol!



  1. Love #7! Have you ever seen the Bob the Angry Flower cartoon about apostrophe abuse?

    Re: homework... I just keep it all in her binder, which stays in her backpack. Or I hang it up on the bulletin board where I put all important school stuff (book orders, etc.).

  2. I think I have seen that before, lol!! Love it :)

    My kids get into her backpack and stuff has gotten lost before. I'm not sure they'd stay out of a thing on the wall, but maybe I could hang it higher. I really don't know what to do. I do need a bulletin board of sorts. That's a good idea too. Hmm...

  3. My FIL gave us one like this and I just hung it high enough where little fingers can't reach it. It's in our front hallway so I walk by it every day (and thus get daily reminders about when projects are due and such). I keep a calendar on there too, with important dates written down. It's not a perfect system but it's working well for us so far.

    By the way, send me a friend request on FB! I searched for you but didn't get any results.

  4. I've seen some great ones, I just need to figure out and decide. I think a board with some hooks underneath would be perfect. We'll see.

    I tried to search for you too. We must have our privacy settings up high. Maybe this will work:


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