Friday, November 11, 2011

7 quick quick takes minus the fancy

I don't have time to put the fancy pic but I wanted to post a quick quick takes. Lol.

Thanks Jen at for hosting! :)


Happy Veterans Day. My hubby is a veteran, both grandpas, and various friends. I am so thankful for them all.


I have lost a lot of fb "friends" the past couple weeks But I've also gained some awesome catholic ones. So, I rather like being deleted. Less vile liberal bull I have to put up with. That whole fiasco is worth its own post.


Dr. Chavira was on EWTN last night! He has been my Ob through all of my pregnancies. He's a strong catholic doctor and an inspiration.


Any ideas on how to get a kid to pray? Lily has a bad attitude about prayer for some reason. I don't want to force her but I also want her to do it so I'm at a loss.


40 Days for Life ended with over 500 babies saved! So happy! Can't wait until the next campaign.


My fertility has returned and I'm only 5 months postpartum. Charlotte nurses constantly so I don't really get it. Oh well. Back to charting.


I am trying to decide If we will switch schools or not. I am leaning strongly towards yes, I just need a bit more time to decide.


  1. 4. I don't make the kids do it, we just make it part of the day. Pray for lunch, pray before dinner, pray before bed, etc. They don't necessarily do it with us but at least they're quiet and sort of participating. We've been doing that and now if I forget or something Xavier will go "Can you pray?" or "You forgot to pray" or something.

    6. I thought mine had too a while ago but it seems to have disappeared, maybe you took it. :P
    That's what happened with Aria too, 5 months and my body was like, hello let's be ready again!

  2. That's was we do but Lily flat out refuses. Sigh!

    You can have it back! :p


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