Friday, November 18, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday!

--- 1 ---
Today the girls and I went to a cloth diaper store because they needed fit testers. They compensated with $15 of product per child. I got 3 diapers for free! And, I'll have to go back because Lily is in love with a Cat in the Hat shirt they had, but we don't have any money right now, so I couldn't buy it for her. I told her Santa would probably bring it to her.

--- 2 ---
Back in the MySpace days I was "friends" with Steven Ertelt, the founder of LifeNews. When everyone made the switch to Facebook, he friend requested me, then a few months later asked that people that didn't know him personally delete him because he was at his limit for friends. So I did, figuring I didn't really "know" him personally. I added him back a couple weeks ago and asked him a question, then he asked again that people that don't know him personally delete him, so I deleted him again. The next day I got another friend request. lol!! Talk about socially awkward (me).

--- 3 ---
I'm debating whether or not to buy the girls' Christmas dresses this week since Carter's is having a 60% off sale, and I have a 20% off entire bill coupon, but we reeeeally don't have the money. But if I wait, I might not be able to get such a good deal. Sigh. But, at least their ad was hilarious. Holiday Dressing anyone?

--- 4 ---
Kyle doesn't have Wednesdays off anymore, so my return to Wednesday night mass was brief. :(

--- 5 ---
Kyle's job should be picking up starting next Wednesday because of the holidays. Hopefully it'll get us out of this hole!! I need to Christmas shop! (You know, and pay bills, whatever)

--- 6 ---
I can't wait until Thanksgiving!! My aunt is hosting, and tons of family will be there. Please pray it's uneventful. Yes, we are one of THOSE families... But I can't wait to enjoy a big meal with everyone I love. Last year I was hiding a pregnancy and siiiiiiick! This year, bring on the wine and food!

--- 7 ---

For a reminder that everything happens in God's good timing, I've been stressing for years about not qualifying for a house. We still don't, but we would've never been able to take this risk with Kyle's new job if we had had a mortgage. We're currently paying very little rent, so while it's still rough, it's not as rough as it would've been had we already been in a home. So, even though I never thought I'd say this, I'm thankful we don't have our home yet. But I do hope we will be in it by next year's holidays, but I say that every year... so, who knows. I REALLY want to have a 2012 election party in my own home though!!!

Happy weekend!

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