Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Internet-less and Loathing it

People, I am bored. I know I should be reading a book or something while I have no Internet, but I'd rather just be bored, I guess. Bored when my life is pretty crazy caring for 4 kids all the time, mostly alone, yes. I like to play games when I'm stuck nursing the baby. Wah? (I told Kyle these are what we call first world problems.)

I really felt like I was getting into a groove on this blog, too, but it is so SO hard to blog from my phone.

I'm getting eye strain and carpal tunnel syndrome and I think my iPhone might blow up soon.

Thank goodness I have an iPhone or I'd have to actually stay off the Internet and do something productive. :p

(I hope this picture works.)


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  2. LOL, phones and pooping... I get texted. I didn't really want to know that's when he sent them but hey.

  3. This first-world problems list has given me the idea to post up different images and things somewhere in the house to keep life in perspective. I think if my children and I stared at a photo of starving children while we had breakfast, instead of cartoons and Facebook, then we would have a much more grateful start to the day.


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