Friday, January 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

Well, the week started out great, we went to the Phoenix March and Rally for life on Sunday, after mass with Bishop Olmsted. It was a fun time. JoAnna and her family were there, plus 700 other people.  Rallies always fire me up for one more year of fighting the fight. I love them. My goal is to someday go to the DC March for Life. I would love to next year, but I'm not sure if that's possible. We'll see! Maybe I could do a fundraiser, haha!!

--- 2 ---

A group that I'm in on FB full of Catholic women had a day yesterday where we all posted our laundry areas. Let's just say mine was the worst, by a long shot. I have already filled two bags with clothes and I still have work to do. After that shame, I am very determined to get it done. Anyone want to help? Seriously, I need help.

--- 3 ---

Sunday night took a turn for the worse when Charlotte woke up with a high fever, shivering, and throwing up. She was gagging and having trouble breathing, so I took her to the ER. We were there from 2 am until just after 5 am. They didn't find anything wrong while we were there, even though they ran a ton of tests, poor girl, but when I took her to the doctor on Tuesday, she cleaned the wax out of her ear and discovered a bulging, infected ear drum. My poor baby!!! She is now on antibiotics and feeling much better, thankfully.

--- 4 ---

So, since the MSM ignored the DC March for Life, as usual. I'm going to include a video and some pics of it here.

What's "hilarious" is on the Planned Parenthood FB page (yes, I stalk it), there were people there saying we must all be high, because we were saying there were that many people at the rally. Uh, right, you keep on living in lalaland. The pictures speak for themselves.

Bad Catholic's Smackdown is hilarious


--- 5 ---

Awesome video:

--- 6 ---
I love Governor Brewer!
Obama was in AZ the other day. Not a good place for him to be, imo. Gov. Brewer gave him a talking to, though.

Here's the letter she gave him. She's awesome. And I just saw on her FB page that her book sales jumped 3,432,120%.... In one day! HAHAHA!!!

--- 7 ---

*I* am going to Danya's house today!!!! She is letting me borrow a single stroller, since I have to take Charlotte to my dental appt next week. Good times. Hope my kids don't ravage her home.

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  1. You are fb friends with pp....Ugh!

    1. No, I read their various pages. I don't "like" them. Just read.

  2. love that letter! awesome ;)

  3. I've always been tempted to "Like" PP's page and then post a lot of snarky comments that'll get me banned (because, you know, God forbid they are ever exposed to an opposing viewpoint...)

    Tell Danya I say hi!

    I would help with the laundry but I am sooooo busy this weekend. Maybe next weekend? I've always thought about founding a Catholic Mom Cleaning Co-op, where we go around to various members' houses once a week. The moms clean, the kids play, and everyone gets help with a project eventually.

    1. You don't have to "like" them to respond! I never do, but I do like ppls posts that are. Their posts are SICKENING.

  4. JoAnna, I had started a fb page for a co-op like that and it never got off the ground. I would love that. I wouldn't keep it just for catholic mommas, but I think the host should provide snacks and we all come over and work on a big project. I'd love it. Let me know if you want to help and I'll try to get it up and running. I had named it blitzkrieg because my friend Su always called it that whe she'd frantically clean her house.

    I need help with the sorting. Any time you're available would be awesome!! You're so sweet.

    1. Sure, send me the info!!

      I'm going to ask my grandma to help me sort clothes while she's here... she's always asking for ways to help during her visit, and that's something non-strenuous forget to help with.

    2. *for her to help with - stupid phone!

    3. I'll make another page later on!

  5. Hello Kara, Nice to meet you! When my kids were small (let's just say smaller than me...) my laundry room was so bad that when my friend came to visit me in my new house, I showed her the laundry room and she couldn't see the washer and dryer there was so much laundry! What a scare with your daughter, glad to hear she's on antibiotics. As for the March for Life, our March for Life up here in Canada is in May (usually the weather cooperates). BTW, I'm an author and if you like to read, I'd be glad to send you a Kindle copy of any of my four books (three novels and a non-fiction book). God bless you...

    1. Hi Ellen! Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with a laundry problem. ;) I've been working on it lots this week, though.

      Canadian March for Life sounds great! Hope the weather is good.

      I don't have a Kindle, but thank you for the offer. I will check out your blog!


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