Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Catholic Advocate Parish Leader

So, I signed up to be "Parish Leader" to get the word out about the HHS Mandate not knowing what it entailed. I got my informational email today and phew, it's not that scary.

I have to print out a bunch of letters to representatives and find a way to get a bunch of people at my parish to sign them. Then mail all of them back to Catholic Advocate.

So, I emailed my pastor and haven't heard back yet. I'm hoping he calls me or writes back so that I don't have to be pushy and call him. But I will. This is important. I hate situations like this, but I wasn't confident that anyone else would get it done if I didn't, so I had to do it. I'm so nervous.

Here's more information in case YOU want to get involved:

At Sew's Blog



  1. Me too! I also offered to speak at any masses.

  2. Excellent!! If your pastor hesitates, just remind him that the Bishop feels very strongly that we must not obey this unjust law. Tell him he doesn't have to do the work, he just has to give you permission to!! You go, girl!!!!

  3. I signed up yesterday but I haven't gotten anything from Catholic advocate-did you receive an e-mail pretty quickly?? I keep wondering if maybe I accidentally typed my e-mail incorrectly!


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