Saturday, January 21, 2012

Not Quick Takes

This week went way too fast. With the issues dealing with my parish, with my kids acting like crazy people since before Christmas, with my dishwasher breaking and me having to do all of our dishes by hand, with more drama from my mother, more money issues, more Facebook debates, etc, I just don't feel like doing Quick Takes.

I realize my blog is pretty whiny and annoying lately. I apologize for that. I'm trying to remain prayerful to get through this. I really just want things to calm down, and coming close to my 31st birthday, when my 30th birthday was a joke and so was this past year, I'm having a hard time right now.

There's the raw truth. I'm just treading water and fighting like hell so that maybe I will come out of this 30 years of nonsense in one piece.


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  1. You, my sweet sister, have nothing to be apologetic for. You are a beautiful, amazing, strong willed and truly wonderful individual. The storm will calm, you will become an even stronger woman from it all, and you will reach that place of serene bliss that you've been waiting for. Everything falls into place at one time or another. All these trials may seem like too much, but you are doing an amazing job juggling it all and staying emotionally and spiritually connected through it all. I love you and am always ALWAYS here for you.


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