Thursday, February 23, 2012

Disappointed in myself

for not going to mass yesterday.


But I did start the consecration like I said I would and I'm loving it. I'm also doing a novena to Pope John Paul II. I need all the help I can get to get me through this.



  1. Don't be disappointed! Remember that Ash Wednesday is *not* a Holy Day of Obligation. Jason went in the morning w/ Dominic but I was so tired so I left the boys at home w/ him and went alone. It was extremely frustrating for a number of reasons, and if I had let myself get as frustrated as I was starting to, it definitely would have been better not to go at all. :-/

  2. I know it's not, but I still wanted to go, I just didn't have the stamina. Plus, I canceled my dr's appt so I could go and then didn't. Sigh! I was hoping there was one later last night but the latest I could find was 7:30 and Kyle wasn't home. Ugh.

    1. Yeah I get that. Sometimes I'm so tired in the morning that I skip daily Mass, but Jason can't handle both boys by himself at Mass so usually he leaves Christopher at home so I have to wake up then anyway. It's only an extra half hour of sleep plus the guilt of not getting up. :( One of the things we are working on during Lent!

  3. **hugs** It's SO hard to wrangle kids by yourself. I only took two with me (Violet and Gabriel) and that was tough!

  4. Yeah, I've done it so often lately at mass that I'm just burnt out. I can't even make it through a while mass lately.

    Whole* it won't let me fix it up there. Dumb phone.

  5. I didn't go either because my daughter and I were sick, and I made my husband skip to take care of us. I know it's not a day of obligation, but it still feels weird to not start off Lent with ashes.

  6. SNAPPPP!!! I didn't go, either - Elise was sick, too! - and I did the same with my husband! It does feel really weird to start Lent without the ashes.

    AND I forgot to start the consecration. ugh. I stink at Lent.


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