Sunday, March 4, 2012

Confession Appointment Please

When speaking to the lady at my parish about scheduling my convalidation, I asked her if she could also schedule a confession appointment for me.

She told me I could come in during the normal confession time (Wednesday night from 6:30-7). I told her that time didn't work for me because Kyle works and that's why I was asking.

She acted confused.

I told her to forget it and that I'd go to St. Thomas for confession since they have more confession times.


Dispensations, convalidations, and CONFESSIONS are kind of a big part of what the church does, right? Why is everything so difficult with this parish?

Oh well. At least it's almost over. I'm almost there. Finally. Then perhaps it's time to find us a new parish.


  1. Um, yes, it's time to find a new parish. And when you leave, write a long letter in triplicate to tell them why. Man alive.

  2. Yeah, I probably will write a letter. We all know I can't keep my mouth shut.

    I just hate starting over in new parishes. I've been at this one for such a long time now. Sigh.

  3. Yikes! I agree with Leila! Time to start looking for a new Parish!

  4. I reread this and it sounds like I lost my patience with her right away, but I didn't. I explained it to her a few times and she acted like I was putting her out.

    I know it's Lent and we only have 1 priest right now, but I'd really love it if my parish actually acted like they cared about my soul once in a while.

  5. Did you point out that in your parish's bulletin, it specifically says that Reconciliation was from Wednesday 6-7 AND BY APPOINTMENT? (Yes, I looked it up!)

    I have to wonder if your priest realizes how clueless this woman is, and the problems it's potentially causing.

    Speaking of, I really need to get to confession, too. Sigh...

  6. I don't know, but they'll find out because I'm going to say something. She doesn't know what she's doing.

    6-7 once a week is not enough anyway. The line is out the door. I love going to that when I can, because Fr. Oliver Mohan does it, but I rarely can make it.

  7. To me, asking for the sacrament of reconciliation is like the soul dialing 911. Somebody better respond and respond quickly, And the whole idea of calling in advance to make an appointment is so that both parties can find a time that works for both of them. Hearing confession is a basic duty of a priest. Hello!!!!! A parish can always have staff and volunteers do other things, but only a priest can hear confession.


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