Friday, March 16, 2012

I can't handle it...

I check Reece's Rainbow every time I sit down to nurse the baby, which is a lot...

Today, 2 sweeties were listed today (or yesterday, not sure) that are from the Pleven orphanage. Any of you following that story know it's a horrible place. I have faith that the Lord will bring their families to them quickly, but I am, again, in love with...

I know that the Lord works in his own timing, but I wish that we had the job and the home necessary to bring this little one home. To be a part of getting even one of those babies out of that terrible orphanage would be amazing. To hold this little sweetie and let her feel the love of having a mommy, daddy and 4 sisters, would be even better. Please, someone, adopt her fast.

This little girl weighs on my heart, too. It actually makes me angry that she has a huge grant, is in a bad institution and no one has adopted her. WHY?! I would take her in a second. I love her too. She is in a bad institution and needs a family quickly.

One of my friends is discerning adoption of Nicholas. He has over $5k, and she is putting together a fundraiser. Please pray for all involved, and for Nicholas to know that someone loves him. He's already in an institution. :(

One more...

Nicky has a large grant and has someone matching up to $3,000 until the end of March. Help this sweetie find a home!!

Thanks for bearing with me through my new obsession. I'm loving it. And I hope I can help, even in small ways. 


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