Thursday, April 5, 2012

Attacks, Attacks, Attacks from all angles!

Ahhhh, where to begin?

Lent started out pretty well, actually. But the past week and a half has been insane. Not just a little bit either.

The first one came in a couple of emails from my aunts. Telling me that I needed to forgive my mom and stop being so unforgiving. They said I was teaching my kids bad things, that I shouldn't be poisoning my kids against their grandma, and a bunch of other things. When I responded, upset, they attacked me more. I'm not Christian-like, etc.

Neither one of them had bothered to hear my side of the fiasco with my mom before sending these emails. That itself is just annoying. I thought that by remaining quiet through it all, that it would pan out better. I was wrong. Because my mom is an expert and turning things around, for moving the blame from her to the other person. And that's exactly what she did to me. As usual.

When she couldn't get through to me, the mass emails to everyone in the family started. Because I didn't say anything, and no one asked, besides my grandma, they listened to only my mom's side and formed an opinion on the situation.

Here, I will clear it up. My mom had a temper tantrum. After 31 years of dealing with my mom's temper tantrums and being spat in the face anytime we've gotten close, I asked for some space. She refused. She badgered, and pushed, and badgered some more.

Now if asking for space makes me a bad person, then so be it. If someone wants to take sides without listening to my side and actually understanding the situation, so be it. I never intended for it to get this bad. But I also didn't do that. I apologized during the initial argument. My mom continued it until the point of no return. I'm not going to deal with that anymore.

So anyway, back on track. All of this came the last day of my consecration. Which I blogged about here. Interesting timing. I almost didn't pray that night because of it all. But the Lord brought me through.

Right after that, I got sick. I started to get better, and it was Lily's birthday weekend, so I pushed through, making sure she had a special birthday. She did. But, the day after Lily's birthday, I got worse, and now Kyle and Amelia have it, and I think the other 3 are getting it too... Someone is trying to discourage us from making it to mass on Holy Week. Well, it worked tonight, because we are saving up for the baptism on Saturday. And we WILL be there. I know the Lord and Our Lady will help us get there. Sick or not.

Family attack? Check.

Physical attack? Check.

Next?! Friend attack.

Yesterday a friend of mine posted a blog post she had written about Easter being Pagan. (Which, by the way, is hidden from her timeline now, but it's still there because I have the direct link to it.) She always posts this nonsense, so I was expecting it, but I had just watched a good video on that subject, and wanted to share it with her. She wasn't at the computer, so she popped in a few times while another friend and I discussed it. Later that day she popped in with an attitude, called me a bigot... twice... then told me she loved me anyway, despite the blinders I wore, and then expected we still be friends. I'm sorry, but I do NOT do friendship that way. I do not think it's acceptable for people to call each other names, and the things she said about me were pretty telling of how she sees me as a person, so why would I want to be a part of that? It hurt my feelings. I've considered her a friend for a very long time.

But you know what? It's Holy Week. I don't care if I'm hacking up a lung, my husband is running a fever, my daughters all have buckets of snot running out of their noses, if 10 more friends decide to call me a bigot, or if someone in my family throws yet another temper tantrum. I'm a stubborn redhead. I'm a thick-skinned Catholic. I joined this Church after years of searching and researching. Guess what? The Lord always wins, and He is most certainly alive here in this house.



  1. And the beautiful thing in all of this is God has led you to a community of friends and believers who love you dearly and who've got your back. You are kicking the devil's butt, and Saturday Vigil is going to be the nail in his coffin! Can't wait to know that Kyle will be floating in grace to start the Easter season! Get better and hang in there, sweets!!

  2. Yes! I am so grateful he has led me here. I've needed this for so long. You are all amazing.

    Can't wait for Saturday.

    Thank you. I'm feeling lots better, just have to get everyone else healthy.

  3. haha, take THAT, Satan! Way go to, Kara & family!


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