Thursday, May 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

Last week I had about 9 Quick Takes and I had to edit it down. It was a rare occurrence for me, because I almost always end up like right now... totally out of ideas...

--- 2 ---

Oh, right, there are some fun events coming up in order to help raise money for Malcolm's adoption. This weekend is the Baking Malcolm Home event, and tomorrow I will be starting to promote the online auction I am running for the Smiths. It will run from June 2nd - June 3rd, so don't miss it! Lots of fun items to bid on, and all for a great cause.

--- 3 ---

My last post was super popular (for my blog. 163 page views, haha). It always shocks and humbles me when people share my posts. I brainstormed that post while making breakfast, thought about it again while making lunch, and then typed it all out sometime later that day. I had to force myself to hit "Publish" because I tend to type out long posts and then delete them. But this one had been on my mind for a while. So I'm glad I was able to put it into words that resonated with people.

--- 4 ---

It also seems that my last post ticked some people off and, we think, caused them to attack my sweet friend Heidi, who is also adopting a child with special needs. She is much more charitable than I, and wrote a wonderful post about it all, here. It is a post full of great information for all of the people out there who don't quite understand WHY people are called to adopt internationally.

--- 5 ---

Oh, but how I wish they had brought that nonsense over here to my blog.... *evil grin*

--- 6 ---

I am hoping to have some good stuff on the baby I am prayer warrior for soon (see the redhead sweetie over there on the right? Yeah, him). There is a family traveling to his region this week and they will be on the lookout. I am praying so hard that they can find him, get updated pictures, and a video. I also hope they are allowed to give him some love.

--- 7 ---

Wow, I don't have any fun pictures or anything in this post... Let's seeeee...

Oh! Here, vote for this video and help the Reece's Rainbow kids!

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  1. I love this quick takes.

    And you sure know how to stir the pot, huh? ;-)

  2. Stir the pot? Meeeee??? ;)

  3. #3 I totally struggle with writing long posst and then deleting them too.

    #5 I also struggle with th etemptation to stir the pot to get some readers.... but I'm not quite ready for the kind of readers I might get by doing that.

  4. I hear ya on #5. I'm not afraid of a fight, but some people are just not going to communicate respectfully. That would be the only thing that would irk me. Not to mention trolls. ;)

  5. Makes me not miss Facebook at all!

    You can talk about how IVF is similar to abortion and that will get ya some controversy. :) Have it your way, like burger king. You know, birth control leads to abortion as abortion leads to IVF and back to abortion...So fun! :) I had to shut down my blog.....

  6. What do you mean you had to shut down your blog?!

  7. Hi Kara,
    I am a new reader, and I do love your blog! :-) I read Heidi's post yesterday, and seriously thought she wrote it for me! haha My heart has been captured for these kids at Reece's Rainbow too...The day before I was attacked horribly at work by a co-worker when I told her that I wished I could adopt Beau. She had the same objections that Heidi mentioned. I agree Heidi was really gracious in answering her critics... because I am still furious at my co-worker!!! I have not handled it well. What is wrong with these people?!?

  8. Hi Carrie! Welcome!

    Reece's Rainbow changes lives for sure. It makes me so happy to see social media used for a good cause.

    Ugh at your co-worker. People are so misinformed. And they don't even try to educate themselves. I'd give her Heidi's post!!

    1. I thought about giving her Heidi's post, but she was not interested in learning anything more about it. She wouldn't let me explain...That's why I was so mad! I guess some people you just have to write-off as completely insane and give them to God. lol

    2. LOL, well, that's definitely true...


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