Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I've been a pro-life activist my entire adult life. I may not be a very good one, but I do what I can. My heart has broken time and time again for the children killed through abortion. My heart has broken for the mothers who chose or were coerced or forced to commit such an awful act.

But a whole new kind of heartbreak happened when I discovered Reece's Rainbow.

I knew there were orphans, sure. But millions?

I knew there were orphanages. But places like Pleven (or worse)? In 2012? STILL?

The truth is, it's the same evil. It's the same disposable baby attitude the United States has, except we abort our undesirables. We abort over 90% of Down syndrome babies. They abandon theirs.

We are no better. We embrace the disposable baby worldview. Children are a burden instead of a blessing. We demand the right to have recreational sex and not be responsible for the results. We fill our bodies with artificial hormones that increase our risk of cancer to avoid these undesired babies. We ruin our marriages, our women, our men, our lives, our society.

Satan is laughing. He broke down the family and thus has broken down society as a whole.

Christians believe that goodness wins in the end, but not before many trials.

Millions upon millions of children have been killed for the sake of convenience.

Millions upon millions of children have been abandoned and many are abused, starved, and left to die, because of societies that deem them unworthy. These babies are alive and suffering. All because of our sins.

Where does the responsibility lie?

How do we start to fix a problem that is so widespread?

I don't know the answer. But I do know we have God on our side. And I fear that far too many people these days are more comfortable turning a blind eye than having to face a painful truth and fight it head on. I've seen it in the pro-life movement for years, and I'm seeing the same thing when it comes to orphans now.

So, I ask again. Where does the responsibility lie?



  1. This needs to be said. Thank you for saying it so well.

  2. Thank you!! It's been on my heart a lot lately.

  3. Very interesting perspective. How hardened parents' hearts are. Still... I have neither the money, nor the spouse, nor the youth to take in these children. It seems so overwhelming. What can I do but offer up the sadness of my heart, that Jesus will use it to have mercy on these children. May he give joy that surpasses understanding even to those who do not end up getting adopted. I know he will wipe away every tear in heaven, but may they know joy on earth, too.

  4. Prayer is very, very powerful. Praying and sharing IS doing something.

  5. Love this and love you. Sharing!!

  6. Did you see on the videos the 3 bears in a row that all had 6 on their stomachs.....They were all placed side by side at 666.....

  7. Nope! Very suiting, isn't it?? Wow.

  8. So true, Kara. It's disgusting, and something needs to change! I can't stand to look at Reece's Rainbow, not because of how sad it is and frustrating it makes me, but because of all the beautiful faces on there that I wish I could just bring to my home! :(

    Did you happen to listen to Rush Limbaugh today? He said that if a pregnant woman goes on a White House tour, her unborn fetus MUST be counted as a human being, with very specific questions on the form that you embellish if you don't have the answers yet (gender, name etc)!! Isn't it ironic, and a little sick that the same president who could care less about abortion calls these unborn babies human beings if they are at the White House? So why are they human then, and not when they are being needlessly aborted? Ugh!


  9. Just pray hard that the light is shone on these sweethearts. That's really the best thing you can do.

    I didn't listen to Rush, but I did read about that. It really baffles me. How can an unborn child be registered if they don't consider it a human? I don't understand their logical disconnect.

  10. So so so true! I live in Ireland where there is a tremendous HEAVE to legislate for abortion on the grounds of disability, a crueller reason I cannot fathom. My own baby was diagnosed with some serious health issues in the womb and immediately it was suggested to 'go to England' Ireland's euphemism. Today she is a typical 2 year old albeit with big heart issues but she has defied all the predictions of disability.
    The scary thing here is that firstly most people couldn't care less about abortion and secondly are swallowing the lie that disabled babies 'have' to be terminated. How has the world become so unkind?

  11. Oh, Jennifer, that's so sad. The complacency in this world is the biggest part of this all. I'm actually writing a sort of follow up on this post because of comments from someone I know this week that really irritated me.

    I fear that it will be legal in your country soon because of it all. :( I am saddened that babies are so disposable these days and I pray that the Lord will change people's hearts.


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