Friday, June 29, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday - The Unfortunate Series of Events Edition

--- 1 ---

Last week I mentioned that the kids were sick. Well, the baby got REALLY sick and I ended up taking her to the ER on Sunday morning. She spent the night there with an IV and Monday when she was released, she already felt much, much better. It was so sad, but I was so thankful that she felt better fast and that we had access to good medical care.

This is the morning after having an IV for 24 hours. Feeling better!

--- 2 ---
When I took Charlotte to her follow up appointment, the pediatrician's office told me they couldn't take her because we have secondary insurance through the state (for emergencies) and it was illegal to accept money from me. It would've been nice if they had told me that before I made the appointment and driven all the way down there with all 4 kids in tow, 3 of them sick... I was ticked. I called my insurance company and they conference called them with me and we got down to the actual truth, was that it was not law, it was their policy. A policy I find pretty discriminatory.

I got home, got recommendations from friends and have an appointment with a new ped MUCH closer to my home. I'm sad that I've waited 4 years to get back to the other pediatrician only to have them spit in my face, but I will trust that this doctor will be good for us.

--- 3 ---

Today we were headed down to Ikea to meet up with Heidi and her boys to let them play and do some shopping for Amelia's birthday. I have to take 3 freeways to get there, which is no big deal, unless your Serpentine belt snaps on your car in the middle of one... in 106 degree heat...

Fortunately I was able to coast off the freeway to a fairly safe place on the off ramp, have roadside assistance, and Heidi and Kyle were able to get to us just before that point where I was about to panic.

--- 4 ---

Then I got a call from Amelia's school saying that we didn't get the scholarship, but that they found us another one, and it is way more than I expected, so we're good. So thankful for her amazing new school.

--- 5 ---

Oh, ohhhh, and yesterday our fridge broke. Seriously, isn't it just laughable? It all happens at once. And I'm really not freaking out... yet...

--- 6 ---

Why? Because even though all of these crazy things happened to me, we're all safe. And that's all that matters. Something has worked out from each of these situations. The Lord took care of us. We are under spiritual attack and that's fine, because Jesus wins. Always.

--- 7 ---

So, I always fall for the orphans of a certain country. I can't help it. This week, I want to share this sweet face, because I am in love.

I'm doubting he'll wait very long. Who can resist that face? 

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  1. i actually had #2 happen to me last year with daniel. it worked out for the best because we ended up transferring his care to the big medical school practice... which means we have access to all the specialists we need for him and referrals to whoever we want through the med school.

  2. Ugh, it is so sick. I really don't think they should be allowed to do that.

    Glad you ended up with better care from all of it. I'm hoping we do too.

  3. are you guys getting closer to being able to adopt? i can't help but think that Satan is really trying to attack financially b/c God must have something big in His plans :)

  4. Suzi, we are trying to do God's will in many aspects of our lives and I definitely think it's spiritual attack. I think that's why it's not getting me too upset. I'd be a mess without the Lord :) Sorry for the vague response. ;)

  5. You poor thing *hugs* Hope next week is better!

  6. I am sorry your daughter was so sick. :( I'm glad she's improving!

    As for insurance, did they mean they wouldn't accept your secondary? As in, they can see you but you are responsible for what your primary doesn't cover? We have state insurance for our secondary (because of the kids' premature status) but we can go wherever we want with our primary, it's just that lots of places don't accept the state secondary. Having a dentist for a husband I completely understand why the doctors don't accept it. However, if they just denied you access at all then that is illegal.

  7. They wouldn't take us at all because we had state healthcare as secondary. They don't accept it and I didn't want them to use it but they said they can't even accept someone with it even if we aren't using it. It's discriminatory and I reported them to the medical board but they said it wasn't something they handle.

    1. Wow that is HORRIBLE. That makes me furious just thinking about it -- I can't imagine how angry you were when you took all your kids (including one who was just sick) there! NOT cool.

    2. Yeah, not only was I angry for the situation, but it angered my momma bear because Lily was sick too. NOT cool for sure. I need to find a way to get them reprimanded for it, because it is totally wrong.

  8. all my lights are off and blinds are closed...All fans blazing....It's awful here too!

  9. At least you're not on the side of the freeway with 4 kids. ;)


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