Thursday, July 26, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

I don't have much to write about this week. I've started this post early so that hopefully I can figure out what to put in each Take...

--- 2 ---

It's monsoon season here and we've had a lot of these lately:

--- 3 ---


--- 4 ---

All of a sudden this week, Tessa has decided that she would use the potty. At first she was coming to tell me to take her, but now she is going first and THEN telling me. We actually just ran out of the bribe candy because she's gone so much! I'm so excited! I know, I have an interesting life.

--- 5 ---

My mom and I had a meeting with my priest over the weekend. It was pretty ugly, but I'm glad we're taking steps to heal our relationship.

--- 6 ---

I just added the blog roll widget to my sidebar the other day and it cracks me up!! My blogging friends have some pretty colorful posts, and seeing them all together was hilarious. Check it out. :)

--- 7 ---

Well, the orphan I have been advocating and praying for for months FINALLY has an open grant. I know money is tight for so many people, but every dollar helps in these adoptions, and having a grant to benefit this sweetie could move mountains. Please, consider donating!

Also, starting August 1st, we will start a change drive called "Nickels for Nico". All you have to do is collect change and keep it in a baggie or a jar (we're using an old formula container) and at the end of August add it all up and deposit it into his grant account. Easy and fun! My kids have already started collecting and they're loving helping out. I will have a separate blog post just for this special event in a couple of days. 

Phew! :)

Happy weekend!

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