Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It happened!! Nico FINALLY has a grant!!!

Folks, you don't even know how excited I am. I woke up this morning and read that all of the kiddos in Nico's region would be getting grants and I couldn't believe my eyes. I stood in my kitchen choking back tears and praising the Lord for answering my prayers.

This sweetie means the world to me. So, I beg of you, even if you have just $5 to spare, PLEASE donate. I want to build up his account as much as possible. He deserves it. Sin has failed him for so long. WE have failed him for so long.

Nico desperately needs to be rescued, and he is in an expensive region, so his parents will most definitely need all the financial help possible.



  1. Just the start for this little man!! Good things to come, I am sure!


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