Thursday, August 2, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

Wow, this week has been emotional. I'm starting to feel a little better, and I know I needed this week to get the fire burning in me again, but PHEW!!!

--- 2 ---

We have been watching the Olympics, of course. It's been nice. The girls are interested, and DD #1 insists that once she learns to swim, she will go and jump off the board and dive and WIN! hahaha... It's also been nice to watch with DH. It makes for some fun conversations. :)

--- 3 ---

Wednesday started our Nickels for Nico event. We are all scrounging for change, and actually, our jar was half full before August even hit, so we're off to a great start. I love how excited my girls are. You can still join us! Click on the tab above that says "Nickels for Nico" and you can read about how to participate!

--- 4 ---

We also went out to Chick Fil A on Wednesday to stand up for free speech and traditional marriage. It was amazing to see all of those people in one place for a good cause. It was a fun time,  and the staff at CFA was so wonderful, as usual. I love that place! At least 4 of our local restaurants had to close down early because they ran out of food!

Anyone want to caption this picture? HAHA!!

--- 5 ---

DD # 3 is almost completely potty trained! She woke up with a dry pull up this morning and went potty before I even got out of bed! So proud of my itty bitty!

--- 6 ---

My girls are obsessed with Angry Birds, and I am obsessed with coffee... so I really loved this!

DD #1 even drew her own rendition of it and it was so cute! 

--- 7 ---

Since Nico finally has a grant, I'm going to put him on my 7th Quick Take again. He needs your help! He's in an expensive region that requires 4 trips and he is already over 2 years old. I fear he has fallen into that hole where he is not a baby that will be snatched up fast and is also not facing imminent transfer to a mental institution. This sweetie is alone. He needs a momma, and even a couple of dollars will help grow his grant and help his family come for him. 

How can you resist that sweet face?! 

Happy weekend!

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  1. Just leaving comment loves. :)

    I really have nothing constructive to say right now. LOL!


    1. That's okay! I like comment loves!! Better than the crickets around these parts lately. lol!


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