Thursday, August 30, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

Man, this week has been a whirlwind. Getting back into the swing of things for school has been nuts. But it's been great, too. Amelia is doing awesome and is coming home happy and with a huge smile on her face daily. She loves her teacher and her friends. I LOVE HER SCHOOL!!!!

--- 2 ---
This came in my mail the other day. Can you find the error? LOL

--- 3 ---

Nickels for Nico ends TODAY!! Count up your change! Make the donation to his grant!! I can't WAIT to see this sweetie's grant grow! And I can't wait to see how much is in my super heavy jar! I will be posting an ending post for this event and I want to know what everyone's totals are!

--- 4 ---
I'm tired.
--- 5 ---

I love redheads. Look at this sweetie that needs a home!!

--- 6 ---

--- 7 ---

UGH! I just can't think this week. Nothing good to say. My brain is mush. We ARE saving for our homestudy, and we've had some excellent news on that, but I will save that for its own post. 

Happy weekend!!

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  1. #2: *facepalms at #5* I'm just glad it's not some of the its/it's, there/they're/their, or affect/effect mistakes I see everywhere, including the newspaper.

  2. Man! Gavin thinks I resemble that typo. . .and he WISHES I was a maid! I LOVE YOUR HAPPY NEWS! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!

  3. i'm so excited to see the totals for nickels for nico!! my total was $11.55...not sure where the best place is for you to keep track of it so i wrote it on Save the Redhead too!

    1. I'll get a post up specifically for it tomorrow, but I'll keep track wherever! I see ya! Yay!!!!

  4. You know I am loving #1!!!!! Ahhhh! And the rest, of course!

  5. LOL @ #2! I have a picture I took from the newspaper that's got a misspell too. I'll have to try and upload it for you.

  6. hahahahhahahahahhahahahaha...I am LOVING that typo. Thanks for the giggle and the chance to snort my coffee this morning. ;-)

  7. Everybody needs one of those off, have-nothing-to-talk-about days. :)

  8. That typo is hilarious! You should post it with the caption, "Why the world needs proofreaders."

    My Nickels for Nico total was only about $5... I don't really use cash all that much anymore and as a result I rarely have change.

    1. Every little bit helps, JoAnna! Thank you for participating!!

  9. Hehe, thanks for this!


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