Monday, August 6, 2012

Blog Blitz for a Future Dominican!!

There is a young woman named Amanda who is about to enter religious life and could use our prayers and if anyone is able, our financial support.  Please read this excerpt from an email from this young woman's friend:

Amanda will be entering the convent with the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist (a young, vibrant, habited order in Ann Arbor, MI) in 3 weeks... but in order to do so, she needs to kill off the end of her student loan debt!

Amanda is amazing, and has been able to get her student loan debt down to just $2,500 or so at last count... but she only has 3 weeks now to kill off the rest. Not only does she have to sell off and give away pretty much everything except for a few personal items, but also she will not be allowed to enter with ANY debt at all. This is especially hard, since she just found out she'd been accepted at the end of June!

She has been so responsible with money thus far in her life, going to school where she had a full ride, living with her grandmother after her grandfather passed away, working at a job she hates in order to support herself and help her grandmother, and not depending on any credit cards, but she still has some room & board student loans hanging around that, if she was working, she'd finish off in a year, but, you know, when you enter an order you're not "working", you're praying for the rest of us!
So.....Can I ask you to blog about her and share her site? <--click  If we can get a couple of blogs to share her story and her need, I know we could help her.  Even if we just storm Heaven on her behalf I know God will meet the financial need. 
So, I am asking you all to blog for dear Amanda before the week is done.  Share her site on FB or Twitter and let's support and encourage this young woman as she prepares to enter the religious life!


One of my closest friends joined this order a few years ago. The joy that these sisters spread is amazing. Please pray and consider donating! 

Thank you!


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