Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sad News

A couple of weeks ago I showcased the redheaded orphans of Reece's Rainbow.

One of those sweet gingers was Margaret.

Today we got news that she has died.

This is not the news I needed this week. But I know that the Lord is telling me something. I need to pull through the struggles of advocating for Nico and make his grant grow, no matter the costs. I need to try my best to become his mommy. If I am not his mommy, he will at least have some money to help.

I feel personally responsible for these sweet redheads. I don't know why, but I do.

Please don't let Nico languish in an institution. I beg of you.

And please check out the rest of the redheads, here.

Rest in peace, sweet Margaret. Humankind has failed you, but Jesus won't.



  1. May this precious daughter of God rest in peace at last.

  2. So terribly sad. My kids and I prayed for her soul last night. Sweet baby girl.

  3. And I just read your redhead post. So beautiful. My daughter thought every single baby was her red-haired brother. God bless those dear gingers.

  4. She suffers no more....I bet she sits right under Our Ladies feet all day.

  5. No doubt she does, but that doesn't negate the fact that humanity failed her. It kills me how horrible we are to children in this world.

  6. I am so incredibly sorry to hear this. :(

  7. so sad. It makes us want to save "our" boy even more.


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