Friday, October 26, 2012

7 Quick Takes - 10-26-12

--- 1 ---

The holidays are creeping up!! We love Halloween over here and All Saint's day is right after that, so we have a busy week ahead! Monday we are doing Trunk or Treat at Lily's preschool. Wednesday is Halloween and we usually go to the Scottsdale festival since it's free. Then Thursday is the All Saint's Day celebration at Amelia's school. I have no idea what time Lily's All Saint's Day celebration is at her school, but I'm hoping they don't overlap. Anyway, that's just next week!! AHHHH!!

--- 2 ---

We had our 2nd and final homestudy visit this past Sunday and it went really well. Now we just have to wait for the social worker to write it up and submit it to court for approval. The next few steps scare me, but I'm taking a breather since it'll take some time to be approved. I have fundraising to do anyway, so that keeps me busy enough! We also just reached our 1 month anniversary of being on RR, AND broke the $1k mark in our grant!

--- 3 ---

You knew this was coming, didn't you? Yes, fundraising. I absolutely love shouting for other families, but fundraising for our adoption kind of stinks.  But, it's for Nico, and I'll do what I have to to bring him home, so, the next couple of takes are how you can help!

--- 4 ---
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--- 5 ---

Our iPad and Strider Balance bike giveaway ends Thursday! There is an opportunity to not only be entered into our giveaway, but to be entered into a gift card giveaway on Adeye's beautiful blog too. If you have never seen her blog, you should get acquainted. She and her husband both have wonderful, wonderful blogs.

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We are about 1k away from our goal, but please, even if you can't donate, please share and pray for us. We are so thankful for all the support so far! Also, if you shop through our Amazon link on the sidebar, will will get 6% of your sale, too!

--- 6 ---

Okay, I know my sense of humor is a bit silly. But I love this video:

--- 7 ---

My favorite orphan is obviously Nico, but I am going to pick another one from his region, because they get passed over SO much.

Sweet Kendra is about a year and a half and adorable! She is in the same place as Nico. Please consider this sweet girl!

Happy Friday!

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  1. ahh!! my sweet baby Kendra! thank-you!! <3 :)

    1. I have a sweet spot for 14 babies. And she's in the same seat as Nico! They're friends! :)

  2. Aw, she is precious!

    Following your blog now! :)

  3. How can you tell where the kids are from? (Just curious -- I only know the orphanage number for my Guardian Angel child Brett.)

  4. How can you tell where the kids are from? I only know the orphanage number (possibly region number) for my Brett.

  5. You can email me and I'll explain it. Everything is coded and once you've been around a while, you just know. Most of the U babies don't have orphanage numbers listed anymore, though. I only know where kendra is because it says the same region and her pics are in the same play seat as Nico.


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