Friday, November 2, 2012

7 Quick Takes - 11-2-12

--- 1 ---

Phewwww! We wrapped up our iPad giveaway and it was a pretty big success! Our goal was to have our PayPal widget read $2,500, and we didn't reach that, BUT between our FSP and the widget, we did end up with about that much anyway, so we're good to say that we did reach our goal. I am so grateful for all the support for sweet Nico. And I'm so happy for the winners!

The winner of the bike donated it back for Nico. (THANK YOU!) So, Nico officially has his own bike and a Davy Crockett costume, haha!! We might have to start working on some other things for him soon! :)

--- 2 ---

I've made a central location for all of our fundraisers. It will be at the top on the tab that says "Current Fundraisers" to keep everyone up to date.

--- 3 ---

This week is a big week. We celebrated Halloween at Lily's preschool, then we celebrated All Saint's Day at both of the girls' schools, this weekend is our 3rd daughter's birthday, and Tuesday is, of course, ELECTION DAY!!!

--- 4 ---

Get out and vote this Tuesday! Keep in mind that Romney's opponent voted 3 times against the born alive infant protection act, which would require babies born alive in a botched abortion to be given medical treatment. Obama has been the most pro-abortion president we've ever had, and it will only get worse if he's given another 4 years. Please prayerfully think about this, and other things he has done (Benghazi, The Fast and the Furious, etc) before casting your vote. 

--- 5 ---

Wow, I'm spent. LOL I  have so much to do that I can't even think straight. We're kind of in a waiting period right now, but we need to keep the funds coming, so it's not like I can rest.

--- 6 ---

I really am not sure what is going on with my kids lately. But we are having far more naughty days than not. Please pray that I can get a handle on them soon. They're nuts! And it started before all the candy, so it's not that.

--- 7 ---

This sweetie was just listed. Look at his cute face! Is he your son?

Happy Friday!

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  1. You are a saint for having this blog. I hope all these children find parents and families soon!

  2. He IS beautiful! I hope his family finds him soon.

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