Friday, November 23, 2012

7 Quick Takes - Boring Edition

--- 1 ---

We wrapped up our auction on Monday and it was a pretty big success! We made about $1,000, but I won't have an accurate total until all payments are in!

--- 2 ---

Thanksgiving was really nice this year. My aunt hosts it now and it was delicious. We had a lot of family there and had a great time. The kids all got to run free in the back yard with cousins, and that's always wonderful.

--- 3 ---

For some reason, it always seems like I can never take advantage of Black Friday deals. I rarely go out into the crowds anyway, and if I do, I go later in the day and grab a couple of items, and that's it. One year I got Magna Doodles for $9 (regular $19.99) and that made me happy. I still have no idea what to get the girls.  But I always end up waiting until the last minute, so oh well!

If you are shopping online, please use our Amazon link. We will receive 6.5% towards our adoption!

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--- 4 ---

I want to decorate for Christmas so bad, but I know my kids will just wreck it all. So, I think I'll wait. I hope our Advent wreath we made last year made it through storage. I don't want to make another one. lol

--- 5 ---

We usually go to Costco every Friday, but there's no way I'm braving that crowd. Guess I will do a little shopping at Fry's this week!

--- 6 ---

Sorry these are so boring... I'm sleepy from Thanksgiving and we're out of coffee! NOOOO!!

--- 7 ---

There are 2 iPad mini giveaways I know of benefiting adoptions right now!! Check it out!

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Happy weekend! I'd love to hear from you! 

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