Thursday, November 15, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

The tab above has all of our current fundraisers, but, we have some awesome new ones this week, so I wanted to post them here, too!

--- 2 ---

"Adopting Nico - Chosen Pendant"
$5 of all sales go towards our adoption!

--- 3 ---

Our auction starts today and only runs until Monday night!

Save the Redhead - Auction for Nico

A few of the items:

Chocolate from Ukraine!

--- 4 ---

We are having a 31 Gifts Medium Tote sale. Our goal is to sell 30, and then we will get $500 towards our adoption! That's a HUGE amount!

What's even better, is each sale earns a free thermal tote for a military family. And, if you order by Sunday, you receive a free thermal tote yourself!

31 Fundraiser for Nico
--- 5 ---
Our coffee fundraiser is still going on. They ship really fast, and I've heard that the coffee is amazing. It would make a wonderful gift.

--- 6 ---

I had a great chat with a manager at Applebee's today about a local fundraiser. It's sounding very promising that it will happen there and I'm really excited. The guy was really nice and we talked for 15 minutes! I am eager to meet him in person and get this thing rolling! I should have solid news in about a week and a half, which makes me nervous, but I will be patient for something that could be so awesome!

--- 7 ---

Do you guys remember Malcolm? Well, his parents just got back from their first trip and will have him home early next year. They are still a little short of being fully funded, so they have an electronics giveaway going on!

and go check out the post about their first trip, too!!

The very most important thing about this entire process is that we have prayers. Prayers for the families in the process and the children waiting. Please pray that we can all move through this process as easily as possible and that the Lord will comfort Nico and Malcolm and all of the other orphans as they wait. 

Happy weekend!
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  1. I just shared the new fb auction on my fan page. So much cute stuff!


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