Friday, November 30, 2012

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

This week, a child passed away who was such a huge part in bringing the Catholic community to Reece's Rainbow. So many people found their children through his mommy's love for him.

Please keep the Dobrovits family in your prayers as they deal with this tragic loss. And if you would like to donate to help cover medical and funeral expenses, please do so here:

--- 2 ---

Remember "Malcolm"? He's coming home in early 2013! I am lucky enough to know his parents, as they are local. They have a matching grant right now that is almost complete. Can you bless their family today?

Henry and his mommy Carla were responsible for helping find Malcolm's parents. Isn't that amazing?

--- 3 ---

Henry and his mommy also helped us find our little guy. If I had never seen Henry and then started advocating for Malcolm, I would've never seen my boy.

We have an amazing opportunity tomorrow, December 1st, from Wish Upon a Hero. You can donate $5 by text message this day only, and we will get the proceeds!

Please check it out and let me know if you have any questions!

--- 4 ---

At the beginning of this month, I set a loft goal of getting to $2,500 in our Reece's Rainbow grant, in honor of Nico's 2.5 birthday. I doubted God, we were SO far off. But just yesterday, our grant went from $2020 to $2505!!!! We made it! I am so grateful of the support pouring in for our boy. This is a hard process and so scary, but you all have made it so much easier on us. Please continue to pray, we do have a long road a head. But we know God's got this. He loves Nico more than we do.

--- 5 ---

Remember how I said that we had a beautiful Cathy's Creations bracelet coming up? HERE it is!!!

If you want one by Christmas, though, you have to order fast! These are so beautiful. And we're so thankful for our sweet friend Cathy for making such beautiful things for our boy.

--- 6 ---

I did want to say that the day Henry passed away was so hard on all of us. I felt horrible even trying to fundraise for our own adoption while his family was hurting. We have been praying so hard, and we hope that since he is the one that brought us to our children, that he would be honored if we continued to try to bring our babies out of the darkness. Henry got to feel the love of a family. And that's our mission. This adoption is NOT about us. It's not about growing our family. The Lord has blessed us with healthy fertility. We are doing this for Nico. We love him. The Lord loves him. We were called, very strongly, to bring him home. Every child deserves a family. And we give that to one person. Money doesn't matter. God is bigger than money. We will press on, in honor of sweet Henry, and because Nico has human dignity and is worthy of someone fighting for him.

--- 7 ---

Advent starts this weekend and we are so excited. We are setting up our Christmas tree and getting all of our goodies out. We will be watching Elf on Saturday night and drinking hot chocolate. Amelia insists that is a MUST! So I will oblige. What is your favorite holiday tradition in your little family?

Happy weekend!!

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