Monday, December 31, 2012


It's hard to put into words the love you feel for a child you've never met. I've loved him since the moment I saw him.

Things were going fine. Slowly, but fine. We were doing great with fundraising. We were waiting patiently for our home study to go through court for approval. We were hopeful we would travel the first time in spring. To meet our beloved son. To hold him. To kiss him. To give him the love and attention he deserves.

And then it all came crashing down. The government in his country quickly passed a law that prevents Americans from adopting from their country and then went on vacation for the holidays.

We will not know for sure what this all means until after they return. Families are terrified. Families like my friends the Smiths and the Kelleys who have met and held their children and promised to return may not be allowed to. Families who have passed court aren't even sure they will be allowed to pick up their children.

It all hit me today. I'm tired of the evil in this world. Evil that always targets the most innocent among us. Unborn children, children with disabilities, and children in general. Always the target of evils. Treated like trash.

This world is hurting and most of us don't see it. Until we start respecting human life, it's not going to change. That includes unborn children. That includes those with special needs. Heck, it includes a typical child from a big family who happens to be the 7th.

Children are blessings not burdens. We do not need huge homes. Kids don't need their own rooms. They don't need designer clothes or shoes. They don't need vacations or fancy art lessons.

They need love. Respect. A home. A family.

And I'm tired of societies all over the world believing otherwise.

My momma's heart is so full of love for my sweet girls. But it also aches for my son. Who may not ever have the things he deserves. Who may just end up dead in a mental institution in a year and a half.

We will not give up. I haven't lost all hope. We will fight forever if we have to.

Lord Jesus, we beg of you to bring these children out of this darkness. Help us do your will and keep us strong as we fight for the weakest among us.


  1. Praying for you and all the families and children involved in this mess. May 2013 bring joyful news and restored hope.
    Hugs and God Bless

  2. <3

    Loves to Kara and family. You've been on my mind a lot here lately.

  3. Beautifully written post, with so much truth in it. Praying for you and little Nico. Kate.

  4. Praying that God will move this awful mountain. PRaying for your whole family and that this little one would be allowed to come home. Hugs to you...Amanda


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