Thursday, February 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

I'm going a little crazy these days. If you'd like to find me, I'm over in the corner quoting Lord of the Flies.

--- 2 ---

Charlotte really loves the swings. We go to the park almost daily. Taking advantage of the nice weather before it turns into summer in a couple weeks.

--- 3 ---
Our priest is great. He has started a new website: and is using his car to promote it.

WTG Fr. Kline!
--- 4 ---

Lent starts next week! (OMG!!!) I am going to have this on my Quick Takes every week until it's over, because we are part of a Lenten fundraising campaign for our adoption. There is a neat giveaway and a new family or child every day during lent. PLEASE check it out!

--- 5 ---

My Lent last year was amazing. Kyle and I had our marriage convalidated, I did the Consecration, and at the end of it all, Kyle was baptized and we were able to take Holy Communion together on Easter. It was beautiful. I'm sure Lent this year will be a little different. I do love Lent and Easter, but I don't think much of anything can top last Lent. Unless I get some awesome news like I can go meet my boy, or something. I'm not holding my breath. :(

--- 6 ---

What are you giving up or adding to your life for Lent? I haven't decided yet. Ideas?

--- 7 ---

This is Dennis. He is in an easy and cheap country to adopt from. You can take one long trip and come home with the angel, or take two or three shorter trips. The process in his country is very fast, so you will need some funds on hand when you start, but I cannot believe this love is still waiting!!! Adoptions only cost about $24,000 from his country INCLUDING travel! Go get him! 

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  1. About Lent ideas: I'm finding this year, I just want to be traditional. Nothing creative, nothing fancy, just fasting and prayer. I don't know . . . I'm just feeling called to simplicity. Don't know if that helps! :)

    1. That's kind of how I was leaning. Hmmm


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