Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---

This week was bittersweet, since we received our homestudy approval. Now we are sitting around trying to decide whether or not to get USCIS out of the way (almost $900), or just wait. Up until this point, the ban hadn't really been delaying our process. Now it is, and it hurts. Pray for us, for clarity.

--- 2 ---

--- 3 ---

--- 4 ---

Lily is convinced she will marry Robin from the 1966 movie. Haven't had the heart to break it to her that he hasn't aged well. Haha...

--- 5 ---

My husband is convinced that tomorrow would be a good day to IKEA to get our new mattress. Ours is super old and small, but IKEA on a Saturday... really? Pray for us. I'm not sure we'll make it out alive. Or married. ;)

--- 6 ---

I am finishing this up then going to make some waffles for my lovies. Which do you prefer? Waffles or pancakes? I love both, but waffles are my favorite for sure.

--- 7 ---

I'm getting irritated that this little love is still waiting. Is the world going to wait until he's on the brink of transfer and then finally snatch him up? Why not get him now so that he doesn't have to continue living a life of hell?

He's in an easy, fast, cheap country and is in a main city, so very easy travel. Are you his momma?

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  1. That little boy is so cute. Some family will be very lucky to have him. Congrats on your homestudy approval!


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