Thursday, March 21, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday!

--- 1 ---

If you are in the Phoenix area, the Stuck Documentary is playing at Harkins Shea. Here is the Facebook event. Be there!!

If you are not in Phoenix, they are traveling the US and you can also buy it online to watch at home. 

--- 2 ---

We have a big weekend ahead. I don't want to share publicly yet, but we'll be busy and then have Palm Sunday, too!! Easter is almost here, can you believe it?!

--- 3 ---

Thursday was World Down syndrome Day. Here are my favorite little guys with Down syndrome:

What's not to love?
Did you know that 90% of unborn children diagnosed with Down syndrome in the womb are aborted? Even Eastern Europe doesn't do that, because they feel late term abortion is inhumane. I believe all abortion is inhumane, but still, interesting how they have no place in society for them, yet do, at very least, honor their right to life.

--- 4 ---

I had a very vivid dream last night about Nico and woke up very sad. I'm guessing this is all part of the grief process, but it's been really hard.

--- 5 ---

One of my sweet friends is having a Scentsy party and giveaway for us on her blog! Please check it out. We are seriously going to be going to meet sweet "Colton" in just a couple months, so we really have to get this fundraising back on track!

Heartbreak to Hope Fundraiser

--- 6 ---

Love, love, love!!!!

--- 7 ---

April 1st is my sweet Lily's 5th birthday. We will also launch our BIG giveaway, so check back for that info soon!

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