Thursday, March 28, 2013

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

Ohhhh, my goodness, what a week!! We moved last weekend and I still exhausted. We are loving the new house. The girls have a back yard to play in now and it's glorious! Although, it has come with some necessary guidelines, like, no, you cannot go outside at 7:45 am because you are too stinking loud and neighbors don't need to hear that.

--- 2 ---

Yesterday, the kids in Lily's class did their version of Stations of the Cross. It was SO sweet. I love that they do and know the stations.

--- 3 ---

Getting paperwork done for the adoption has been so obnoxious. I don't understand most of these forms, and they are a total pain to get done. Our doctor won't fill out a form, and so far, I have been unsuccessful in finding one that will. Among everything else, I'm going to lose it.

--- 4 ---

Here's a pic of the littlest ones resting after playing outside for hours.

--- 5 ---

--- 6 ---

I saw "Stuck" last Friday. It was amazing. If you have not seen it, look at their tour schedule and go to one of the events. The event itself is worth it. If you can't get to an event, at least sign the petition and consider buying a copy.

--- 7 ---

Our BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC giveaway starts Monday!! Be on the lookout!! You won't want to miss it.

Easter is my favorite time of year. I am so blessed to be in a Church that glorifies Jesus for what he did for us. Hope you all have a blessed Easter!

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  1. Can you go to the health dept and have them fill out the paper? Or even the hospital? If you were here I'd tell you to go see my doctor. He'd do it in a heartbeat! I love my doctor.

    Anyway! Glad you're enjoying the new house!

    1. It's complicated to find anyone that will fill it out.

    2. Like it'll take them that long. Sheesh, come on people!


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