Monday, March 18, 2013

My heart hurts

The past few days have been really rough. We've had trouble with getting papers signed, trouble with family, and now it is looking like we will move soon, if we can find a place, that is...

I check the page with Nico's pictures every day. I knew there would be new pics soon. But today, after the weekend I had, oh it broke my heart. I cried off and on all day.

I am so glad he looks happy. He has a year or 2 left at the babyhouse, and for that I am grateful. But all I want is him in my arms. Or heck, for him to be with his biological parents. How I hope they see these new pictures and take him home.



  1. Let me know how I can help...(you don't know me, but I read your blog from time to time.) Prayers for your situation. :-(

  2. Oh, Kara! I'm so sorry! Praying for you and for Nico.

  3. Looking forward to giving you a huge hug on Friday. Praying for you!


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