Friday, April 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---

I'm not sure I can muster many happy Quick Takes this week. There was a meeting in DC about the Russian adoption ban. They basically just said that their kids would not be coming here, and that they were looking for Russian families to adopt the children that had met their parents. I am praying now that Nico's biological mommy comes back for him, and that the Lord will protect him. We love him so much and my heart is even more broken now.

--- 2 ---

And then there's Boston... I have a dear friend there right now. The things transpiring are LITERALLY happening outside of her house. I am praying for their safety and that they catch this monster.

--- 3 ---

We did get some super important and annoying paperwork done this week for Colton's adoption. We are about halfway done with our dossier, and are still looking at late June for travel. I was shaking like a leaf while we notarized the forms. They are SO picky about documents in his country!!

--- 4 ---
Our giveaway is going well, too. But, I'd love for some bloggers to blog about it, share our story, and get it out there, to reach more circles. This doesn't just benefit Colton's adoption, the exposure brings all the RR children out of the darkness.

--- 5 ---

Sweet Dennis has a family, and THAT is happy news. I am so glad, and can't wait to see who his family is. Love that boy!
You'll have a smile on that sweet face soon, pumpkin!

--- 6 ---
I know a wonderful woman with a sweet little girl with special needs trying to raise money for an iPad to help her communicate. Please check this out!

--- 7 ---

We are finally picking up our Suburban today! I can't wait to have more space and to sell this van! If you know anyone that needs a Mercury Villager, let me know! :)

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And I guess it's over at Camp Patton today!


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