Friday, April 5, 2013

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

I want to start this out with a "dude." So, I will.

Dude, Spring Break with little ones is crazy. Spring Break while you're trying to unpack and get ready for the social worker to come over and trying to find people to sign papers and making appts and all of that, is just exhausting.

--- 2 ---

But, good news is I finally, after calling about 30 doctors, found a doctor who will sign our forms for our adoption. I'm not sure why all of this has to be so hard, but I'm hoping to be done with the paperwork soon.

--- 3 ---

Have you seen our super awesome giveaway yet? Who doesn't want to go to Disneyland or Disney World for FREE?! Plus, you can help us get fully funded so we can FINALLY bring our son home!

--- 4 ---

Lily's birthday was Monday. I truly can't believe she's 5. I say that every time my kids have a birthday, but really, I don't know where time goes. We hung out at home most of the day and then I took them to Rubio's for a "special" dinner. Let. me. tell. you... It was special. I think Miss Birthday Girl was over-tired, but when we got there, she kept putting her head down on the table. I bought our food, sat down, asked her if she was ok, she was pretty much half asleep. The other girls were fighting over a soda and Tessa knocked it over. Which woke up Lily. I got up to get someone to clean up the mess and Lily announces that she needs to throw up. "Don't you dare throw up in this restaurant," I threatened, "Go to the bathroom." And she did... and threw up all over the bathroom floor and started wailing like someone was killing her. I told Amelia to go check on her. (I had Charlotte in the high chair and was still trying to find someone with a mop for the soda) and Amelia comes out to announce Lily's puke to the whole restaurant.

The employees weren't too happy. And I don't blame them. I packed up the kids and ran out of there. By far my biggest parenting fiasco yet. Let's pray her birthday party this weekend is much better.

Calm before the puke storm.

--- 5 ---

--- 6 ---

We had our first Easter at our new house and it was very low-key, but nice. Hoping next year I will be able to host something bigger. Mass was beautiful and I love Easter, but i really don't have an awesome Lenten recap like I did last year. This year I just tried to stay alive. lol

--- 7 ---

Sharing Dennis again. Little looked over sweet-pea. It makes me so mad. Here's a video! Someone go get him. He needs a momma!!

Happy weekend! 

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