Friday, May 10, 2013

7 Quick Takes Blah Blah

--- 1 ---

Well, apparently people aren't as curious as I thought about our adoption process. I put up a post asking for questions for a Q&A and got one... Oh well! :) Deleted it.

--- 2 ---

Our auction is going fairly well, and it ends Sunday! Please get your bids in, this could be a huge chunk out of the rest of the money we need for our adoption if it goes well.

--- 3 ---

I have had a head cold all week, which is making for very interesting days. I get the baby to sleep and pass out right after her, leaving the big kids to tuck themselves in. It makes me sad, but I'm officially in survival mode this week.

--- 4 ---

We finally hit $3,000 raised for our Disney giveaway! It's been hard work, but I am astounded and so grateful! Once we hit $5k, we will draw the winners. I cannot wait for that day! <3

--- 5 ---

Next week is Lily's last day of preschool. We had a little Mother's Day tea with her on Thursday. It was so sweet. Her teacher did a great job. I'm not a fan of Mother's Day, but the school stuff is nice. :)

--- 6 ---

We will hopefully be traveling in July to pick up "Colton". Everyone keeps saying how HOT it is there. So I looked, and their average temp in July is 77... Um... And very little humidity. Sounds like heaven to me. In July our average in Phoenix is 102, mkay? 77 will be GLORIOUS!

--- 7 ---

I don't have much to say, I'm still in a fog over here. Pray for us as we finish up the final paperwork and fundraising!

OH! Seriously, does anyone else have horrible trouble finding shoes? I can never find them in my size when I find the ones I want. I want to get some Crocs Mary Janes for the trip, so I don't have to pack socks, and they are super comfortable, but can also look nice, but no one has them in size 10. BLAH!!! I can't find anything else I like that would work for it, either!

Like these!

Happy weekend!

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