Thursday, May 16, 2013

We answer to God...

We've had many, many comments over the years about the amount of children we have. I am not sure why anyone is surprised I have 4 kids, because I've always wanted a "large" family. I'm also not exactly sure why people (strangers and non-strangers alike) think our family is their business.

We've been asked if we were going to get "fixed" countless times. Fertility is not a disease and I refuse to treat it as such. So, no, we will not be getting "fixed."

Our children have each been a different and individual blessing.

Are we busy? Yes. Are we tired? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes. Because this is our vocation, and we grow and learn every day because of them.

Are we perfect parents? Of course not. We are learning, like any other parents out there. Our children are loved and cared for, and that's what matters.

So, when we announced we were adding a 5th child, but this time through the SUPER illogical, SUPER expensive, SUPER insane process of international adoption, it was not well received by all. When Russia shut down, most people grieved with us for sweet Nico. Some people were relieved. But we had spent thousands already, had state approval, had all our ducks in a row for an adoption, and countless children are suffering without parents in the world, so we pushed on. We will pick up "Colton" from Eastern Europe this summer.

And then, come October, we will be adding a 6th child...

Meet our baby BOY!:

Due October 3rd, but we are hoping for October 4th, St. Francis' feast day!

We know people will think we're crazy. We know that people will worry. All have valid concerns. Yes, we are adopting while pregnant. Yes, our lives will be hectic for a good while. But, we answer to God, and God has told us time and time again that children are a blessing, not a curse. And we are thankful that The Lord has chosen to bless us with such amazing little ones.

We are excited to see how 2013 unfolds. We hope you can rejoice with us and support us.


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