Friday, June 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---

We had a great week up in here!! We got our USCIS approval and my FBI clearance. We are waiting on Kyle's' FBI clearance, and then we will be DONE. HEAR THAT??? DONE with our dossier. OMG I can't believe this is happening and that it's almost done.

--- 2 ---

Today is our Charlotte's 2nd birthday. She is a spitfire, for sure. She demands what she wants, and she is a total momma's girl. But she is my snuggle bug, and our life would be pretty boring without her. Love my crazy girl! :)

--- 3 ---

I have had to switch my list making to winter gear, instead of summer, since that's when we will travel, and it is HARD for this desert girl, let me tell you! I did pick out some boots that I think will be perfect, and I already have a coat, so, a few more necessities, like a hat and a scarf and I should be good to go. I also need to figure out what to get for "Colton" and the new baby, to keep them warm enough too. It's going to be COLD when we are there!

I wanted to get something like this for "Colton," but I'm assuming that his country may not think it's as hilarious as I do...

--- 4 ---

Today is National Donut Day, or something, so I took all the girls to Krispy Kreme and we got 5 free donuts! Yummy!

--- 5 ---

If anyone is looking for an infant carseat, I have an adorable one for sale. I can't seem to sell ANYTHING on Craig's List lately, and it's really frustrating!

--- 6 ---

Please pray for sweet Dwija, who is going through something very difficult. I love this girl so much, even though I haven't met her in person, and I am so saddened that she is going through something so scary with her pregnancy.

--- 7 ---

Iris is an amazing girl with an amazing grant who NEEDS an amazing family to step up and bring her home!!

Happy weekend!
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