Monday, July 29, 2013

Kitchen Substitutes

Oh my gosh, I'm blogging again! 

I was searching for substitute ideas on the Internet the other day, but everything I found was so dumb, I decided to make my own. 

So, here are a few ideas I use in my kitchen. 


Coffee creamer 

Replacement/substitute: sweetened condensed milk 

It only takes about a spoonful for an entire cup of coffee and it's delicious. No nasty oils, and if you chill this coffee, it's the best iced coffee ever. 


Pancake syrup 


Powdered sugar or sweetened condensed milk 

You will have to use a bit more butter on your waffles or pancakes, but powdered sugar works just fine and is a tasty substitute. 

If you use sweetened condensed milk, don't use a whole bunch, just drizzle a little over it. It melts in with the butter and is delicious. 

Yogurt is also good on/with waffles and pancakes. 

Peanut butter lovers will swear that pb is the way to go.  





This seems like an easy one, but I seriously see people freak out about not having buttermilk for a recipe when milk is just fine. 

If you must have the tangy buttermilk taste, you can add a couple of tablespoons of vinegar to regular milk and it will make buttermilk. 




Apple sauce or melted butter. 

I prefer melted butter taste to oil anyway, and apple sauce works great and takes away all the fat, so, you choose. :)


I'll add more and try to add pictures to beautify this post soon. 

Anything else you all can think of that you use on a regular basis? 


  1. The buttermilk is sometimes needed to get that chemical reaction when you add the vinegar. I never USE a whole container of buttermilk, so I never buy it.

    Also always use sweetened condensed milk. So much tastier than the fake stuff with 20 ingredients, most of which are not milk or sugar.

    I'm going to try the powdered sugar! Yummmmm... :)

    Instead of buying flavored yogurts, I buy a big tub of plain, and add maple syrup or honey, and whatever fruit we happen to have in the house. More variety of flavor for less money.

    1. Honey also works as syrup! :)

    2. Honey and butter!!! Da bomb for syrup!

  2. Plain yogurt and spirit sour cream work in place of buttermilk too. They have the higher acidity that some recipes need. I actually try to add yogurt or sour cream to most baked goods because they are very good for tenderizing flour. That's why all the yummy French and Polish recipes have sour cream.

    Another one I thought of is plain white vinegar in place of cream of Tatar when whipping egg whites. Works like a charm. Also white vinegar instead of spray kitchen cleaners! Fill a spray bottle with 1/3 vinegar and the rest water and add one small squirt of fish soap. Cleans practically everything and no yucky chemical residues.

    1. Mmmm, good call on the sour cream/yogurt.

      Yes, I love vinegar for cleaning! It's wonderful in a steam cleaner for carpets and couches, too!

    2. It really is amazing for so many things!

  3. I'm a huge fan of fake creamer---so this sweetened condense milk??? Might have to try!!

    1. Yes! It's so good. We tried for over a year to find something good enough. This is even better.

  4. Have you ever tried cottage cheese on pancakes/French toast/waffles? It is amazing... Cheese blintz-like.

    I was making brownies the other day when I realized that we had already burned through our 5 dozen eggs. That was when I learned to make a flax egg. Grind up 1 tbsp flax seeds (I did it in my coffee grinder, so there was coffee residue, too) and mix it with 3 tbsp water until it gels. That makes a great substitute for 1 egg, and in brownies I actually think it tastes even better than egg!

    1. I'm really weird about cottage cheese on things. I should suck it up and try it though. I'm sure it's good.


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