Thursday, August 29, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1. Bear with me. I am in a rotten mood. This week has been amazingly bad. 

2. I realized last week that my belly had shrunk and was hyper vigilant about watching for leaking fluid all weekend. Saturday I was convinced I was leaking for a while and then was convinced otherwise, so I didn't go in. But, by Monday, I wasn't feeling right, so I went into ob triage. In a crazy storm. They ran all the tests and the u/s did show I was low on fluid, but the tests said I wasn't leaking. I think the tests were wrong and I am leaking. 

2. Tuesday I went for a second opinion at a different hospital and my water had gone up a bit but is still low but the tests are still saying I'm not leaking. 

3. Wednesday I had a follow up appt with my dr and then another u/s and non stress test. Water is still low. They try to convince me I might be dehydrated. I know I'm not. 

4. I caught the girls' cold. 

5. So, now we wait and if I get a fever, if I feel like I'm leaking (which I do, but I know it's futile to try to convince them of that), the baby stops moving as much, or anything else goes wrong, I go back to the hospital. 

6. Any good news, you say? Meh. I say. Our transition back into school isn't going well with Amelia. She's "forgetting" to do homework and I've been sick or dealing with this pregnancy stuff and everything is just falling apart. It worries me about what will happen when we travel to pick up "Colton." 

7. Please just pray for us. I have no energy left and even my normal day to day stuff is suffering. I can barely bring myself to cook, let alone clean, and we're not ready for baby, if he comes early. 

I made a new guessing game, the other one broke:


  1. *hugs*

    I only made it to 29.5 weeks with my son so I have no advice except to just "do the next thing". Sometimes, it's all you can do.


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