Friday, September 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1. This week was quite the week. Tuesday I went to OB triage for bleeding and everything was fine, except my BP. Really? So they drew blood and sent me home with a urine collection kit, and orders to return the next night. 

2. The next day I *had* to get down town for the last apostille for the adoption, so I dropped the kids off at school and did that, then headed for my normal ob appt. The doctor was pretty convinced I wouldn't be going home after my tests that evening at the hospital and told me to prepare. 

3. If anyone has been listening to my incessant whining, they know I did NOT want to have this baby on Nico's mffm day. So I was not thrilled about being induced Wednesday night, which would've ensured a Nico Mffm Day birthday. 

4. All of my tests came back as only having mild preeclampsia, so I was sent home. At that point I was just annoyed because I'm spending a million hours at the hospital lately and really, even if it meant he came on Nico's day, I was ready. Now I am feeling yucky from high BP and can't do anything about it. 

5. So, we've made it full term. Here's my 37 week picture:

6. My girls, hubby, and I were all sick this week, also. So that's also been rough. Luckily it didn't last too long and we all seem to be better. 

7. Hubby took care of the kids all day yesterday and let me rest. It was glorious. Love my man. :) 

Happy weekend! 


  1. Prayed you are all feeling better!! It can be so hard when an illness goes through an entire household. Especially on Mom, who usually cares for all the other sickies even when she is sick, too.

  2. You take care of yourself kiddo. Even mild preeclampsia is no cakewalk!

  3. Hope you get some relief from the high BP soon! (Summer + adoption paperwork + being pregnant, I think I'd have slightly high BP too.)

    I'm so glad the mister gave you some time to relax!

    1. It really has nothing to do with outside causes. It's just what my body likes to do at the end of pregnancy.

    2. :(

      How you feeling? Besides ready to have a baby?

    3. I had an ok day yesterday, but I don't feel great in general.

  4. Oh, sad! I am sorry it has been a rough end to the pregnancy :-(
    Praying that this baby comes out all healthy, just in God's timing!

  5. Keep reminding yourself that you are in the home stretch! The last few weeks are so hard but you can do it!


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