Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Feeling a Little Bit Like Super Mom...

The amount of things I have accomplished since receiving our travel dates is making me pretty proud of myself. But, I give all credit to God, because there is no way I could've done it without the massive amounts of prayers I've been saying, but I am seriously surprised I haven't exploded yet.

The girls and Samuel are doing great, but it has been a little more hectic around here. The amount of junk food and fast food we've been eating hasn't been ideal, either, but we're surviving. The appointments I've had to make and keep have been daunting on top of it all, and the long trek to Tucson was pretty intense, too.

But, shopping is done for the trip, passport is on its way for Sam Fran, and everything is just about ready. Once the girls are packed, we'll be done,

This weekend we will celebrate our new Godson Peter's baptism and then Samuel's baptism and Tessa's 4th birthday, then we will prepare and celebrate All Saints' Day at Amelia and Lily's school on Halloween, then come home and trick or treat.

We will spend as much quality time together as possible, and hubby, me, and Samuel will leave for our long trip across the world soon after that. (I don't want to get specific)

Please know that I am offering up all struggles and emotions for all of you, and that we would appreciate your prayers as well.

Keep an eye on the blog, folks. It's about to get good! :)

"I'm going where?!"


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  1. That is a precious face! LOL! I imagine that kind of sums it up for everyone, eh? Will continue to pray! :)


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