Friday, November 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes - From Ukraine!

1. We are in Ukraine adopting our little boy and we had court on Monday. We were approved to adopt him and are now in the 10 day wait. Once it's over, we gather paperwork, have gotcha day, and then head back to Kiev for embassy stuff. Then we can go home! Right now it's looking like Dec. 7th is when we can head home. Please pray there are no delays!

2. Hubby had to head home after court, so I'm alone with Samuel. It sounds like it would be awesome to have nothing to do, but it is mind numbingly boring. I'm used to being busy! We can only visit Maks 2 hours a day, and those visits are getting difficult, too. Just too much monotony. 

3. The weather here is cold, of course, and it looks like we'll get snow in Monday! I am so excited, and this desert girl is enjoying every minute of the chilliness. 

4. We had a super sweet moment yesterday. Maks was listening to music on my phone and cuddling on my lap. He started sucking his thumb and then he fell asleep! I didn't want to get in trouble (the kids are on very strict schedules), so I woke him up when I heard someone coming. But I enjoyed every second of it. 

5. Please pray for our godson, Peter, (JoAnna's son) as he is in surgery right now for his feet. 

Me and Peter the day after he was baptized and the day Sam was baptized :)

6. I was just visited by Ukrainian Jehovah's Witnesses! Haha. They asked if I spoke Ukrainian. I said no. They asked if I spoke French. I said no. So he gave me a pamphlet and showed me the website. 

7. Ok, time to Skype with my loves! Happy Friday!


  1. The Ukrainian JW pamphlets are great. My husband was a Mormon missionary in Russia and Moldova many years ago and brought some of the Russian language JW stuff back with him. We have quite the collection of Russian language religious materials in our house. He even brought a Russian Koran back. He doesn't practice any religion now, but he still has an affinity for Slavic churches and icons. Glad to hear you're at the end of the waiting process.

  2. Cannot wait to see him and you when you return!

    I was so blessed to catch the very moment that your girls saw their daddy for the first time when he came home from U. They came out of the school, saw him, lit up, and RAN into his arms screaming, "Daddy!" It was precious!!

    1. Awwww, tearing up over here. I stayed up late that night until he had them. They seemed so excited when I talked to them on Skype. I'm glad he's home with them.

    2. Keep up the good work Kara! Many prayers for you to get home quickly. It's going to feel so incredible to have the whole family under one roof again!


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