Monday, November 11, 2013

Days 7 and 8

Yesterday we had another good visit with our guy.  He loves to wrestle, so he spends most of his visits rough housing with daddy. 

After our visit, we had our taxi driver take us to pick up a pizza. We keep running out of food, and it's hard for us to get into town. We also had him take us to the big grocery store so we could stock up a bit. This was probably a bad idea, since it was Sunday, and apparently stores are busy like they are in America. The lines were so slow. A lady and her young teenaged daughter came up to us and said, "you can get through faster over here," and motioned for us to follow them. They had us cut in line in front of a bunch of people! It was so sweet, but also a little uncomfortable. But no one seemed to mind. The manager even said, "so sorry!" to us, and we said "no, no, thank you!!!" Apparently, if you want special treatment here in EE, you bring a tiny baby with you, haha. 

Here are some pics of our world right now, since I can't share pics of "Colton" yet. 

Elevator to our first apt. Wishing we had one now, we're on the 5th floor and it's killing me! 

Fancy mural in our apt in region.
View from our kitchen. 

His precious groupa's bedroom. 
Playground At the orphanage. 

Orphanage grounds

We have been treated very well, and the nannies all seem to love our boy. He interacts well with everyone and it's really good to see. It is a nice place, but our boy's time was limited here. He would be transferred when he turns four. 

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