Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I haven't been great about keeping the blog updated, I'm sorry!

Friday we went and picked up our court decree and went to Maks' birth town to get his birth certificate changed to our names. Then Niko took Maks to have his picture taken. 

Monday we picked up Maks in the morning and drove 2 hours to Chernihiv and applied for his passport and then drove back. It was snowing and beautiful. Maks did great in the car. He loves looking out the window. 

They don't use car seats here. *shudder*

Today I took another batch of diapers and some candy for his groupa. I've noticed that it took them quite a while to go through the diapers I had already brought, and with 8 kids, it shouldn't have. I'm hoping it's because some of them are potty trained, but based on the rash on Maks' bottom, it's probably just that they don't use many per day to conserve. :-/ 

I have another huge package of diapers to take tomorrow. Hopefully some of my favorite nannies are there to receive them. Today, the lady looked at me like I was crazy for giving them candy. Well, I'll take it back, if you want, lady, those things are delicious! Haha

Today I walked down to the pizza place and then went to try to find a stroller for Maks. This is an expense I didn't think I'd have, but luckily I found one that wasn't too steep, and it should work perfectly for the chunky monkey. Samuel is not a fan of any store here. I'm not sure why, but he cries almost every time we walk into one. Maybe because they're boiling hot? I'm not sure. But anyway, there is a lady in this store that knows a little English, she's the only one I've encountered here in region that does, and it's very helpful. She asked if the baby needed to eat, I said yes, and she let me go stand back in a closet to feed him...lol. There's no room anywhere in these stores to sit or anything. He nursed a bit, and I thought he was fine so I went back to shopping and he started screaming again. Sigh. But, we made it with some essentials, and they were very nice to us, so it was ok. 

Tomorrow is our LAST visit and Thursday, if his passport comes like it should, we will have gotcha day! We are hoping and praying it all goes as it should so that we can leave Saturday morning. I can't wait to be home. I miss my girls and hubby so much. 


  1. Yay! Thank you for the update! It's been so exciting watching your journey and praying for you guys and it's so wonderful seeing you with him!!!

    1. Holy cow! I just read through and edited this post. I'm not good at typing on this iPad!

      Thanks for being a part of the journey! I love sharing this sweetie with everyone.

  2. YAY!!!

    Do the stores have a weird smell that Sam doesn't like? Maybe he just doesn't like shopping. ;)


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