Thursday, January 30, 2014

2 Months Home!

Wow! I really can't believe we've been home 2 months already. 

Maks is amazing us all. He has bonded really well, and is actually showing some anxiety around people he doesn't know. He cries when I leave the house. This is a really good sign and makes my momma heart so proud. 

He has also said a couple words! He has gone from just babbling mamamama, babababa, papapapa, to babooba, moooma, moooba, etc. But, he has learned to say, "no," his first word, and "hi," his second, and "baby," his third. He is also starting to pick up some signs, and has signed the word for milk and all done a couple of times. He learned to wave really fast. He makes the right animal sounds when he sees certain animals in a book. 

He has learned to wave, he is not throwing up all the time like he was in the orphanage, he insists on feeding himself with a spoon now instead of letting mommy do it. He is finally drinking like a normal toddler. 

He has had a cardiology appt, and will have a dental appt, and ENT appt. His tonsils likely need to come out, as they seem to be giving him trouble swallowing. They are gigantic and he actually fusses with them with his fingers a lot. 

His heart is great, and we will only have to take him for cardiology appts once a year. 

He is walking more and more and is starting to crawl. His core strength is improving, and so is his balance. 

People, this boy is amazing. The things he understands already are astonishing. He is such a sweet little guy. 

We are still dealing with hitting, but he loves playing with his sisters and snuggling his baby brother.


Down syndrome is totally not scary, guys. This little guy amazes us daily, and we couldn't be more proud. 


"If you can't say somethin' nice... don't say nothin' at all..." ~Thumper