Tuesday, February 11, 2014

7 quick takes!


I wrote this all up, then realized it was Thursday, so I'm making it into a quick takes, because I get quite a bit of traffic from Jen's blog, and that's exactly what it need right now!


When we were called to adopt, we did so because we knew we could make a difference in at least one child's life. Now that we're home and have SEEN the children waiting in the orphanage, many of them who will never be chosen, the fire burns even more to help get them out. Please, bear with me while I share a few stories. I'm sorry for the formatting, I post from my iPad these days, and it's kind of a pain. 

I know people are lazy and usually won't copy/paste a link if it's not clickable, but I beg of you to do so just this once, for me! I promise you'll read some great stories and find some fun things to buy!


A wonderful family worked hard through an adoption, spent thousands, and traveled all the way to Russia to meet their children. That same week, Putin signed an adoption ban that prevented them from bringing their children home. Those two babies are stuck, indefinitely, due to the sins of their government. 

After a year of tears, anxiety, and fighting for these kids, they have decided to adopt from another country. They will go back to Russia for their children if they ever have the chance, but for now, they have decided to add a beautiful girl to their family. 

Meet Lanie...

Isn't she precious?!

This family only needs $7,500 to complete this adoption. They need a little bit of help, after spending so much in Russia. 

Please check this link for a fun way to help! All you have to do is empty your closets of all those old fancy kiddo dresses!


Meet Della...

She is 11 years old. No, that's not a typo. When her pictures were posted just a few months ago people were outraged at the fact that she was tied to a crib. 

A beautiful family has stepped up to adopt her. They are a family who adopted two amazing boys just last year. 

Check out their before and after photos!

They have some great fundraisers going that are being ignored! 


Check out the fsp, click through to their blog and see all the awesome shirts for sale! Adoption pride and ds pride! They're running out of time to sell them!


Now, for a child who doesn't have a family working toward bringing him home. Who has been listed but looked over. Who has been chosen three times, but paperwork issues stood in the way. These paperwork issues are now resolved and he still waits.

A family who met him says he was a delightfully smily little guy. He was their baby daughter's favorite friend.

He is in the main city in his country. Easy travel. Lots of shopping and restaurants. 

Meet Thatcher...

Are you his mommy? If you're not, could you throw a few dollars into his account to help bring him home? Could you share his sweet face?



The Claus family was so supportive of our adoption. Chelsea is a wonderful advocate for orphans. They're struggling a little bit with fundraising and need to get the ball rolling, since their dossier is in their son's country! 

Throw some money into their fsp, please? 


Please pray for these children and families. For the provisions and stamina to get them through the process. For a family to step up for sweet Thatcher. 

Every dollar, every prayer, every share means so much to these children. 

It's my birthday this weekend, and I'd love it if you'd donate to one or two to celebrate with me!c


  1. Clicked over from Dweej's blog. I'm so so so inspired by you! Thank you for your witness and honesty!

    1. Thank you for popping in! I'm a little behind in blogging, but hopefully will have something new up soon.


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