Sunday, April 13, 2014

Maks is FOUR!

As I look through the pictures the orphanage gave us when we adopted you, a million thoughts come to mind.

What were we doing when you were born? Tessa was only about 6 months old. We were at Disneyland that day. It makes me cry to think about the pain your birth mom was going through, and the fact that you were in an orphanage for almost 4 years after that.

I thank God that your birth parents gave you life. I pray that their hearts are comforted on this day. That if they ever want to contact us, that they will be able to find us.

I am thankful that Reece's Rainbow and all of its wonderful advocates helped us find you and bring you home. For all the people who donated and prayed for you.  For the team in Ukraine that helped get us out of there fast and efficiently.

I'm thankful for the babyhouse that took such good care of you while you were there. That you had surgery that fixed your heart.

I'm thankful for your squishy snuggles and your adorable kisses. I'm even thankful when you cry, because I know that means you trust us. Even on the hard days, I'm proud that you are our son. Seeing you bond with your siblings has been an enormous blessing.

Watching you have your firsts. First steps, first words, first signs, first Christmas with a family, first birthday party, first wave, first kisses... soooo many firsts, brings tears to my eyes. Birthdays where you aren't cherished and celebrated are no more.

We love you so much, sweet boy. Happy fourth birthday. We are so very happy you're our son!



  1. So beautiful! He is pure joy! God bless you for being his mama and loving him so well!


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