Friday, May 9, 2014

5 Months Home!

Hi! The time is flying by over here living the mayhem, but most of the time it's a good kind of crazy.

This past month has probably been the hardest so far. Mainly because Charlotte and Maks are done with their honeymoon period and she's taught him some wonderful things like scratching and biting. SIGH! So, we're working on "niiiiiice... be niiiiice!" over and over and over again for both of them. Our main problems are being in the car too much, and they all fight and hurt each other like crazy. I need a passenger van so bad so I can split up the little ones!

Maks' tonsillectomy is scheduled for June 9th. Please be in prayer that it goes well and that he heals quickly and easily.

He is walking up a STORM these days. Instead of 99% butt scooting and just a few steps here and there, he is primarily walking. This started on his birthday, amusingly enough, and has only gotten better from there. It has made my life so much easier and he's having fun trying to keep up with his sisters. This boy was just barely pulling up and cruising furniture when we met him. :)

I was looking through my Facebook group I documented our trip with and I cannot wait to move all of it to a hardcover book. I can't believe how much our little boy has changed since then.

Comparison pics:

1st meeting
April 10th

He is so much more mature now. Coming out of his shell more and more every day and becoming more independent. He says a few words, but only "hi" and "momma" regularly. He learned how to give kisses and does so liberally. He plays with toys properly and only throws them once in a great while. He still isn't eating or drinking as much as we'd like, but we think the tonsillectomy will help with that.

We are blessed. This little boy is awesome, and now that we're finally getting used to the craziness that is 6 kids, and getting over the extreme craziness that was 5 weeks away from home, things are getting better every day. 

Our 3 littles


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  1. What a lovely family you have! So glad to see him doing well!


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