Sunday, June 15, 2014

6 Months Home!

Well, this is a little late because we were home 6 months on the 7th, but as you can see from my last post, we were quite busy last week!!!

Maks is doing amazingly well. I don't think I could cohesively put together everything he's learned from months 5-6, but I want to compare our little boy from the day we met him to now. How a child can change so much is remarkable to me.

He has learned to:

  • walk
  • dance
  • sign for more, eat, drink, milk, please, waves hi and bye (I'm convinced he'd know more if I were better about teaching him new ones more often)
  • give kisses
  • say "baby, mama, dada, hi, bye, uh oh, ow, wow, peepee"
  • stop throwing toys
  • make the sign of the cross during prayers 
He is super sweet. He likes to hold baby dolls and rock them and pretend to sing, like I sing to him every night. But his favorite toys are now cars. He basically spends all day with a car in his hand, driving around. 

He and Charlotte had about 2 months of a honeymoon period and now they're proper siblings. She's taught him some behaviors that are very irritating, like biting and scratching. Sigh. But, he's getting better about that now too, and so is she. They're slowly starting to play with each other, and Maks is starting to play with other kids when they're around, too, instead of completely ignoring them. He is in LOVE with his big sisters and his baby brother, and he's bonded wonderfully with me and daddy is a work in progress (due to daddy being away more often because of work), but he loves his daddy too. It's very sweet to see.

He does get jealous sometimes, when he wants snuggles and I have to nurse the baby. And he lets me know it, too. He also gets cranky when I need to lock the gate so I can cook dinner or something. But we are just amazed by him every day. He has no orphanage behaviors at all.

During the adoption process, I kept having visions of Maks with his arms around my neck in a sweet hug. I've had that vision come true countless times, that is the way he hugs, and it often brings tears to my eyes. 

I am so tired today, so I'm probably missing a lot, but I just wanted to put this up. I probably won't update every month from here on out. 

Here are some pics :)

THIS was the little boy we met in November:

And this was his Reece's Rainbow picture:

He's such a blessing. If you are feeling called to help an orphan, or adopt one, please visit Reece's Rainbow, or send me message! I'd love to chat about the process with you. <3 



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