Friday, January 9, 2015

7 Quick Takes


Soooooo, Maks has strep again. Or still, I'm not sure which one. I think this pretty much guarantees the rest of us are going to get it again, and Amelia and Lily are already not feeling well... Just... pray for us. I am sick of everyone being sick! It is a constant battle. :(


Charlotte is starting mini-4's at the preschool next week. I am so excited, but sad at the same time. I think she feels the same! But, she's ready.


The Phoenix Catholic Women's Conference is coming up soon. There are some wonderful speakers, like my friend, Leila!

I have never gotten to go, but I did get close last year, and already had my ticket purchased, but then had to sell it. I am hoping and praying I can go this year. I will be buying my ticket soon. If you buy early, you get $10 off! Let me know if you're going!!


So, I dropped my phone in the toilet way back during Lent and it was working for a while, but then completely died a few months ago. My upgrade isn't until January 13th, and I am so happy it's finally coming up. I manage our crazy schedules from my phone, plus we don't have a home phone (who does anymore???), so using a phone that doesn't hold a charge is really frustrating. I know, first world problems. But, I am so glad I can upgrade this week.


I have started shopping for first communion and confirmation dresses for Amelia. Luckily, Zulily has some beautiful ones on there right now for a really reasonable price.

I really like this one, but I'm waiting for her to wake up to choose.


We exchanged something at Costco that wasn't working well for a new Crock Pot, and I'm struggling with it a bit. I love that it is bigger and has a timer, warmer, etc... but it's SO big that I have to cook all of my recipes a bit differently.

I am looking for good recipes for Amelia's reception, but I'm so afraid anything I make is going to be dry.


There are 3 tiny babies on Reece's Rainbow right now from the country Maks was adopted from...

Pray for these sweet babies. Discern adoption. Donate, share, help in any way the Lord leads you. If you have fears or concerns, contact me! We can talk it through!

Happy weekend!



  1. I can't get little Basil out of my thoughts. He looks like my daughter. I donated what I little I could. Seeing him makes me realize our family will adopt one day. We have too. I will pray for him

  2. Chrissy, thank you for your comment! I love to hear it! Thank you for donating, I will be praying for your family.


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